Each participant should arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the booked time, so that our game masters can do a quick briefing with all the players. The Skurrilum is a live event in which the rooms are prepared for each booking and are only reserved for the booked period. Delays and shifts of the game start are therefore not possible. Each participant accepts the terms and conditions of Skurrilum. All games commence at the booked time. If the participants are unwilling to accept the game rules, the games cannot begin. A claim for reimbursement of the participation fee will be waived. Each participant is required to fully comply with the Laws of the Game. A breach of the rules leads to the immediate expulsion of the participant, or the game may be aborted. A claim for reimbursement of the participation fee does not exist in this case either. It is not permitted to bring food and drinks into the escape rooms or to consume food and drinks in the venue. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the venue.