The Skurrilum is a Live Escape Game developed by the creative heads at Hamburg’s Schmidt Theatre. In the middle of the Reeperbahn, five elaborately designed adventure rooms with countless puzzles and effects await scavenger hunters, thinkers and dreamers of all ages! For an hour, you dive into a lovingly designed mini-universe full of surprises. Armed purely with your intuition, gut feelings, and logical brain – it is essential that you get out in time.

Choose your preferred room and off you go!

Special offers for the Skurrilum

Tuesday & Wednesday from 18.50€ p.P.

* at full Occupancy with 8 People per Room. Not possible at the Phantom Island And the Zoo of Death

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3-6 People | The Radio-Play-Escape-Game | 14 years and above
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Ghost Hunter Ernie Hudson
and the Zoo of Death

Ghost Hunter Ernie Hudson gets a second case!
Break into the abandoned Zoo of Death and decipher it’s dark secrets. Somewhere between the cages and the gates a terrible truth is awaiting. Also this game is using radio play elements and requires players to have good physical condition and nerves of steel. Do you have the courage to take on the case?

This Room is not accessible and not suitable for physically impaired, as well as very wide players. * * Not suitable for People with a Peanut Allergy.

4-8 people | The Radio-Play-Escape-Game | 14 years and above
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Ghost Hunter Ernie Hudson
and the Wailing Woman

Full of pride, we proudly present “Ghost Hunter Ernie Hudson” – the first blend of escape game and radioplay elements. Over five different locations, a drama with breath taking effects, and a story full of excitement beckons. This game, too, is told using radio play elements. Try it – Skurrilum 2.0!

This Room is not accessible and not suitable for physically impaired players. stroboscope effects are used.

2-6 people | Perfect for Beginners | From 10 years and above
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The Phantom Island

For Bone Collectors and Treasure Hunters! This escape game takes you to the mysterious Phantominsland in the modriy shelter of a long-dead sailor. The poor soul was shipwrecked several hundred years ago on the Godforsaken Phantom island and struggled to survive. You are now the first team of intrepid specialists to observe this weird and spooky island. But beware! The island is not as idyllic as it appears.

This room has no restrictions

3-8 People | Ages 14 and up
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Malvinis Legacy

Germany’s most magical Live Escape Game invites its visitors into an enchanted magic chamber to solve mysteries bordering on the edge of the occult – the ideal activity in Hamburg for team building, bonding with the family, and company outings! Enter the enchanted study belonging to stage magician Edgar Malvini, and search for the Book of Immortality. Your task is to discover whether his legacy is just a bunch of tired old tricks or real, authentic, sorcery.

This room has no restrictions

4-8 people | 18 years and above

Guschi’s Seedy Cellar

Our absolute classic! This game takes you into the red light milieu of the 80s. . It’s about sex, and drugs, and money! Your aim is to break into the notorious neighbourhood pub/brothel – ‘Guschi’s Seedy Cellar’, struggle through various torture chambers and porn cabins, whilst searching for 30,000 Deutsch Marks. This experience (like many on the Reeperbahn), is only for visitors over 18 years of age. Some exceptions may be agreed, if you contact us in advance.

This room has no restrictions


The Creators

Lukas Nimscheck

Lukas Nimscheck is a presenter, musician and filmmaker. In 2015 he was awarded the Hamburg Music Prize with his band “Deine Freunde”. He has also worked as a songwriter for artists such as “Arctic Circle 18” or “We Are Heroes”. From 2013 – 2015 he moderated the ARD children’s show Tigerentenclub. As a TV director with his own production company, he creates advertising and reportage formats for a wide range of clients.

Corny Littmann

Corny Littmann is a theater producer, actor, director and entrepreneur. In 1988 he founded Germany’s most successful private theater – the Schmidt Theatre. Born in Münster, he was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in 1991 for the Schmidt Midnight Show, and in 1999 he was also awarded the “Hamburg Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Littmann was president of FC St. Pauli from 2003-2010.

Heiko Wohlgemuth

Heiko Wohlgemuth is an actor, author, songwriter and translator. His musical “Heiße Ecke” has run in the Schmidt TIVOLI on the Reeperbahn for 12 years straight, with uninterrupted success. As well as numerous other successful plays that he has written, Wohlgemuth is also responsible for the translations of Broadway successes such as Hairspray, Sister Act, Legally Blonde, Shrek and Aladdin.